Join our Team

We are looking for exceptional individuals to join the Taylors team in 2018.


We currently have team members contributing to the areas of:

  • Architecture & Building Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Project Management
  • Project Support & Administration
  • Safety, Quality & Environment
  • Surveying
  • Town Planning
  • Urban Design

Work Experience & Casual Employment

In collaboration with several secondary schools, tertiary institutions and initiatives such as the Surveying Task Force, we provide regular work experience opportunities to students who are keen to learn more about our industry. These opportunities include Year 10 Work Experience Programs through to fixed-term tertiary placements. We also employ a number of students on a casual basis to complement their tertiary studies with ongoing practical experience, many of whom continue on to forge successful long-term careers at Taylors.

Please forward your enquiry to our Talent Acquisition Coordinator – Zoë Cox at or phone (03) 9501 2800.  Please include the following information in your enquiry: what area/s of our business you are interested in together with the duration and dates of your request.