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2018: The Year That Was

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20th December

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instil in us.” – Hal Borland

2018 is coming to a close and despite occasionally wondering how long the year had left, we have now found ourselves asking, where did the time go? It’s been a supercharged year for Team Taylors, with everyone pulling together to bring great visions to life and forge new networks, so what better time to reflect on all the wisdom the past year has brought us.

March 2018
It was all systems go when March arrived, with sporting events, award ceremonies, and exhibitions aplenty. The month began with the National Surveying Consultancy Awards, held at the National Surveying Congress for 2018. The ceremony annually recognizes the ‘peak surveying consultancies’ in Australia and awards firms that can …

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Speak Up about Mental Health in the Workplace

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14th September

Are you okay?
It’s a simple question, often raised flippantly in water cooler conversation. It can also be said in ways like, ‘how’s it going?’ ‘how are you?’ ‘what’s happening?’, but all variations are often met with the response, ‘good’, ‘fine’, ‘alright’. How often do we ask, are you okay, and really listen to the answer? You may say you listen every time, but is it only on days like R U OK Day that you stop and focus? At Taylors, mental health in the workplace is as vital as physical health, and we’re working toward raising awareness around the issue that needs to be addressed.

In light of R U OK Day this year, the Taylors office took the opportunity to officially recognise the initiative and progress toward implementing a framework that will aim to reduce the stigma around mental health …

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Women in Property – A Quiet Movie Night of Architecture

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21st August

As part of the New Zealand International Film Festival, the NZ Women in Property committee recently held a movie night screening Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect. Our Architectural Design Manager Kristen Neri is an active member of the committee and we were proud to showcase some of innovation technology to the audience at such an event.

Held at the Northlands Mall, the main attraction seemed to take place prior to the screening with young architect, Isaac Kawati, hosting a virtual reality demonstration for attendees to experience. Attendees had the opportunity to experience New Zealand’s inaugural project – Hackett Road, Jacks Point – as well as Melbourne reality models of Bourke Street and Hosier Lane.

“There was a bit of excitement around the VR and attendees were blown away being able to be immersed in a design and an existing environment while also …

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Addressing Energy Efficiency and Smart Design in New Zealand Housing

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31st July

The 2018 Exemplar Homes Tour has recently completed its run through Christchurch providing “a rare opportunity for residents to experience high-performing homes that are not normally available to view” and bringing much needed developments in energy efficiency and smart design to the forefront of public attention. Taylors New Zealand representative, Project Architect Jayant Rana, attended the forum event to learn of the latest innovations.

“The event was exploring energy efficient housing and the use of alternate construction methods.” Commented Jayant. A Business New Zealand article states that the message behind this event was to draw attention to New Zealand’s outdated building code and to change a strong mindset that energy efficiency and affordability don’t go hand in hand. “There are simple construction techniques that can be used to achieve energy efficient houses at a comparable price to normal construction methods.”

Twelve of …

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‘Taking on the Property Industry’ panel discussion challenges perspectives

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22nd May

Included as part of the Property Council of New Zealand, Women in Property is a growing network of women employed by those companies who are members of the Property Council and offers career support and networking opportunities. Women in Property is a platform for information and inspiration to encourage the participation of women in the property industry and to reinforce their key role in the industry and related fields.

The Women in Property initiative provides site tours, motivational speakers and panel discussions throughout Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Otago and the South Island, and it was at the latter location that the recent Women in Property event, ‘Taking on the Property Industry’ took place with Taylors Architectural Design Manager for the New Zealand office, Kristen Neri, attending and organising the event as a member of the WIP Committee.
“After several events where we had …

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UDIA / VPELA NZ Study Tour 2016

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7th November

Taylors recently hosted a day event as part of this years’ UDIA/VPELA Study Tour of New Zealand which explored and showcased some of the common and unique challenges faced by Councils and developers in the fast-growing city of Auckland which houses 32% of the country’s population and Christchurch, a city that is rebuilding a vital community after the devastating earthquake series of 2010/2011.

Auckland High Density City LivingChristchurch – Silverstream Estate

Our hosted day in Christchurch included the following presentations:

Geotechnical aspects for new building foundations on earthquake prone land
Christchurch City Council on the preparation and implementation of The Blueprint Plan to re-develop the City and heritage building considerations
Interactive city walk to demonstrate innovative temporary projects on vacant city land to create community social interaction and identity
Retail Precinct walk-through to explain the influence of The Blueprint Plan on the Christchurch retail CBD
Construction project …

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