Focus On: Design Guidelines | The Foundation of Good Design

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20th September

The key to good design, comes from having good foundations and guidelines to follow. Whether it be the design of public spaces, the layout of cities, or the building design of a local neighbourhood, having design guidelines in place ensures safe, liveable spaces. Some of these guidelines stem from common sense, while others are developed from collections of study, but all of these intend to implement a principle without restricting creativity in design.

At Taylors, the Design Guidelines team is autonomous, working behind the spotlight to ensure quality delivery of multiple projects, but they are a crucial complement to multiple teams, as Design Guidelines Manager, Melanie Memery explains.

Where does Design Guidelines sit among the Taylors team and what does the day to day look like?
We’re a self-run team, but we operate within the Urban Development Planning team and get most of …

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Speak Up about Mental Health in the Workplace

14th September

Are you okay?
It’s a simple question, often raised flippantly in water cooler conversation. It can also be said in ways like, ‘how’s it going?’ ‘how are you?’ ‘what’s happening?’, but all variations are often met with the response, ‘good’, ‘fine’, ‘alright’. How often do we ask, are you okay, and really listen to the answer? You may say you listen every time, but is it only on days like R U OK Day that you stop and focus? At Taylors, mental health in the workplace is as vital as physical health, and we’re working toward raising awareness around the issue that needs to be addressed.

In light of R U OK Day this year, the Taylors office took the opportunity to officially recognise the initiative and progress toward implementing a framework that will aim to reduce the stigma around mental health …

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Taylors and Habitat for Humanity – An International Working Relationship

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3rd September

Beginning as a grassroots effort in Georgia, United States in 1976, Habitat for Humanity is an international not-for-profit housing organisation who provide financial support and volunteer to support affordable housing movements around the world. Taylors are proud to be working alongside such a supportive and thoughtful movement through our Jakarta representative, Thomas Smid.

The relationship between Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Taylors was established after having contact at a networking event with the Indonesian Australian Business Council. A follow up meeting with the non-profit organisation saw an agreement made to provide them with Taylors services as a gift in the form of the 3D Virtual Tours and models.

The job at hand entailed using matterport to create virtual tours of individual dwellings due to be upgraded by the organisation to improve the quality of life in the village. The matterport was used …

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ISV 2018 Surveying Expo – Adaptation and Implementation

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22nd August

The ISV Surveying Expo is the annual expo for the surveyors of Victoria to come together and discuss ideas and challenges currently facing the surveying industry. Demonstrations and exhibitions of the latest spatial technology are also on show, with some of those featured not yet being available to the public market. Taylors young surveyor, Maxim Tyun, had the opportunity to present on the ‘Cadastral Learnings and the changing face of Feature Survey – A Young Surveyors Perspective’ to a reputable audience of surveyors and ISV members.

Attendees and presenters at the event ranged from lecturers and the state treasurer, to developers and equipment retailers and was “a fantastic chance to exchange ideas with fellow surveyors as well as old friends.” ‘Max did an excellent job of highlighting the impacts of technology on the present and future surveying practices and emphasising the …

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Women in Property – A Quiet Movie Night of Architecture

21st August

As part of the New Zealand International Film Festival, the NZ Women in Property committee recently held a movie night screening Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect. Our Architectural Design Manager Kristen Neri is an active member of the committee and we were proud to showcase some of innovation technology to the audience at such an event.

Held at the Northlands Mall, the main attraction seemed to take place prior to the screening with young architect, Isaac Kawati, hosting a virtual reality demonstration for attendees to experience. Attendees had the opportunity to experience New Zealand’s inaugural project – Hackett Road, Jacks Point – as well as Melbourne reality models of Bourke Street and Hosier Lane.

“There was a bit of excitement around the VR and attendees were blown away being able to be immersed in a design and an existing environment while also …

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Focus On: Work Experience | A Chance to Experience it All

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14th August

Taylors are regular providers of work experience opportunities for young, developing minds to expand their educational horizons and to let keen students learn more about their potential career path. Taylors most recent work experience student, Elana, was initially concerned that her broad educational interests might prevent her from knowing which career to follow, but during her time at Taylors, the experience encouraged her to think differently and discover new skills.

Initially placed into the People, Culture and Brand, and Health and Safety teams, Elana was keen to step out and begin immersing herself in the opportunities available to her. “It was good, we went out and I got to see how it all works outside of the office. I helped with the Health and Safety toolboxes and went with Matt (Health and Safety Coordinator) out to a site to see the …

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Focus On: Work Experience | A Chance to Experience it All

Taylors are regular providers of work experience opportunities for young, developing minds to expand their educational horizons and to let keen students learn more about their potential career path. Taylors most recent work experience student,...

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FARO 3D User Conference – Networking and New Technology

The 2018 FARO 3D User Conference in Jakarta received an “overwhelming response” from individuals keen to attend and provided the perfect environment for delegates and partners to connect and share knowledge,...

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