‘Taking on the Property Industry’ panel discussion challenges perspectives

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22nd May

Included as part of the Property Council of New Zealand, Women in Property is a growing network of women employed by those companies who are members of the Property Council and offers career support and networking opportunities. Women in Property is a platform for information and inspiration to encourage the participation of women in the property industry and to reinforce their key role in the industry and related fields.

The Women in Property initiative provides site tours, motivational speakers and panel discussions throughout Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Otago and the South Island, and it was at the latter location that the recent Women in Property event, ‘Taking on the Property Industry’ took place with Taylors Architectural Design Manager for the New Zealand office, Kristen Neri, attending and organising the event as a member of the WIP Committee.
“After several events where we had …

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VRLA 2018 highlight rapid advances for VR / AR technology

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15th May

Advertised as the “world’s largest immersive technology festival”, the 2018 VRLA Expo was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, with attendees including entrepreneurs, software developers, producers, ad agencies, VFX houses, representatives from major motion picture studios and more. Taylors General Manager of Infrastructure, Anthony Emmerson, had the opportunity to experience the latest breakthroughs in virtual reality technology and learn how the industry is developing almost faster than anticipated.

VR developers around the world are this year realising the untapped potential of virtual reality in numerous business and leisure sectors, and the theme of this year’s VRLA, “A New Reality” tapped into that expansion of possibilities. “The main knowledge gained in summary was that the market, particularly headsets and hardware technology are advancing very fast. Headsets with 6 degrees of freedom, untethered, will be the norm in a very short space …

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Relationships first – the importance of community

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30th April

It’s one of Taylors three key values – relationships. Relationships with those we work with in the office each day. Relationships with clients to build a lasting union. Relationships with those that we meet to grow our networks. Our community is at the heart of who we are, and the greater community is no exception.
“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been part of Taylors culture in terms of looking for ways to give back to our industry and our broader community.” said Associate Director and General Manager of People, Culture and Brand, Andrea Crane. “It is part of our vision and values statement (“…our clients, our team and our community all benefit from this vision”).” While it is a topic that few may to consider to be above them, or to be something that they are not directly involved in, …

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Grand Prix race goers experience life in the virtual fast lane

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19th April

The Australian Formula 1® Grand Prix is one of the most well-known and highly anticipated events of the Melbourne sporting calendar, with thousands of avid race-goers descending upon the otherwise quiet and tranquil Albert Park parkland for that one electrifying weekend in March.

What many don’t know is that the media doesn’t exaggerate when they mention that the park has been “completely transformed” in preparation for this weekend. The Grand Prix is ‘one of the few temporary sporting tracks’ which requires complete construction, and in a limited time frame. No other annual sporting event in the world requires a transformation this extensive; a multitude of companies working tirelessly behind the scenes to build the ‘largest temporary overlay’ for a world-class race-track from the ground up; and Taylors is proud to be one of those companies.

Taylors was first engaged by the Australian …

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Accolades for Taylors at the 2018 APSEA Awards!

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16th April

The Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and individuals and showcase the projects and performance that professionals of the surveying and spatial industries have to offer. Culminating at a national gala dinner at the Geosmart Asia – Locate18 conference, the awards this year were held in Adelaide Convention Centre.

Obtaining an award at this prestigious ceremony is a recognition of those who are industry leaders in their field and acknowledge their ongoing efforts and contributions made to the greater community.

In attendance and representing the Taylors team was Managing Director – Richard Cirillo, Infrastructure Operations Manager – Stuart Berry, and Design Survey Manager – Michael Tasker. It was a star-studded night with a high standard of competition all around and notable competitors of the private, public, research and government sectors all vying for their commendation. …

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Taylors take out top honours at National Surveying Consultancy Awards 2018

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6th April

Taylors representatives, Richard Cirillo and Leo Bateman, recently attended the National Surveying Congress for 2018 in Sydney to be a part of the National Surveying Consultancy Awards.

The awards were established by Consulting Surveyors National as a means of annually recognizing the ‘peak surveying consultancies in Australia’ and are divided into two categories – Small Consultancy (15 employees or less) and Large Consultancy (greater than 15 employees). The awards go to firms that can demonstrate a culture of excellence around business operations, community engagement, professional development and surveying excellence, which ultimately results in the highest level of service delivery.

Our “surveying excellence story” resulted in the team taking out top honours at the National Surveying Consultancy Awards (picture credit to Listech)

Taylors are proud to have been recognized for our “Solutions Outside the Square” management of all surveying services for the Australian Grand …

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Taylors take out top honours at National Surveying Consultancy Awards 2018

Taylors representatives, Richard Cirillo and Leo Bateman, recently attended the National Surveying Congress for 2018 in Sydney to be a part of the National Surveying Consultancy Awards. The awards were established by Consulting Surveyors National as...

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‘This Girl Can’ – Getting Women Involved!

Physical activity on a regular basis is all part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but recent statistics show that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week. Getting movement...

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